Improve GNOME login speed

The boot speed from GRUB to the GDM login screen is quite good these days. However the time from login screen to a working desktop can take a longer time.

Here is what can be done to improve login speed.

Go to System > Preferences > Startup Applications and uncheck all programes you do not need. If your computer does not have Bluetooth, deactivate it here. Same with personal file sharing, vino VNC server or the renaming of standard folders.

If you’ve added some extra application like a screenlet and you do not need it to be available immediately, you can delay its start up. For this, go to the hidden directory


in your home folder and look at the files with suffix desktop with a text editor. You can add a start delay of i.e. 20 seconds by adding this line to the desktop file:


After some experimenting you can find out a suitable value for your situation.

On my machine I replaced all individual calls to screenlets in autostart by one script that calls the screenlets sequentially. Here is my example:

# start daemon
/usr/share/screenlets-manager/ &
sleep 3
# battery
python -u /usr/share/screenlets/ACPIBattery/ &
sleep 3
# weather
python -u /usr/share/screenlets/ClearWeather/ &
sleep 3
# feed reader
python -u /usr/share/screenlets/FeedReader/ &

The corresponding desktop file has a delay of 20 seconds. So my desktop starts quicker and I can do some things before the screenlets are getting started.

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